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Do you like adventures in the bedroom? Are you looking for ways to spice up your intimate nights? Would you therefore like to buy poppers? Then you've come to the right place at! We are the popper shop in the Netherlands. In our webshop you will find a wide range (the largest in the Netherlands), with different types and sizes of this product. Place your order and make your wildest fantasies a reality! Poppers refer to liquid agents that provide a fleeting and short-term effect on the sexual experience.

A wide range of poppers has a wide range of poppers, in different scents, shapes and sizes. Although their effect can vary, they always do the same in the end. For example, it ensures more relaxation during sex and orgasms are strengthened. Its use is easy and fast. The bottle contains a liquid that evaporates very quickly as soon as you open the bottle. By giving this vapor a sniff you will experience the great effect of the poppers for a short period of time. For a few minutes you are extra horny and more euphoric.

These resources are for everyone. It doesn't matter if you are gay or straight, everyone can use such a bottle to experience an extra kick between the sheets. Use in combination with Viagra or Kamagra is not recommended. Both drugs have a blood pressure lowering effect. It is best to store the bottle itself in a place that is dark, dry and cool. To really preserve the quality, you can put it well in the freezer.

Operation and effects of poppers

When using poppers you feel very euphoric for a moment. Poppers give you an increased heart rate and a buzz that enhances the sexual experience. The drug lowers blood pressure so do not use poppers in combination with Viagra or Kamagra because these drugs also have a blood pressure lowering effect! Another effect is that the blood vessels are widened. The intoxication you get when using poppers is only short. After a few minutes, the intoxication is over. Because poppers relax muscles, including the sphincter, poppers are very popular with people who practice anal sex. Of course you don't have to be gay for this: poppers are also popular with heterosexuals.

How do you use poppers?

Poppers are a liquid that comes in small bottles. It is best to keep these bottles in the freezer because in liquid form the liquid evaporates quickly! If you want to use poppers, open the bottle. This causes part of the liquid to evaporate. You inhale this vapor. The effect of poppers sets in quite quickly! It is wise to use a popper seated. It is recommended to use poppers in a well-ventilated room.

Facts about poppers

  • Poppers are flammable! So be careful with fire.
  • Do not use poppers in combination with erection drugs.
  • Use poppers in moderation. You may get a headache after using poppers.
  • Swallowing the liquid can cause serious irritation and damage the mucous membranes.
  • Poppers provide a brief euphoric intoxication.
  • Poppers are available in different shapes and sizes.

Would you like to boost your sex life or are you curious about how poppers work? Then immediately place your order in our webshop and receive the products as quickly as possible and discreetly delivered!

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